July 9 – 21, 2022

12 Nights of 4 & 5-Star Accommodations

8 Rounds of Bucket List Golf

Full Breakfast Daily

All Ground Transportation



    • Arrival Edinburgh Int’l Airport
    • Check In: Apex Hotel – Grassmarket,


    • Golf Round #1: Carnoustie Golf Links – 10:52 & 11:00 AM


    • Golf Round #2: North Berwick Golf Links – 2:10 & 2:20 PM


    • Golf Round #3: Muirfield – 10:50 & 11:00 AM


    • Visit and get lunch in St. Andrews
    • Golf Round #4: Kingsbarns Golf Links –
      3:30 & 3:40 PM


    • Visit The 150th Open


    • Day Touring Around Edinburgh
    • Depart from Edinburgh Airport
    • Check In: Temple Bar Hotel, Dublin


    • Day Touring Around Dublin


    • Depart Dublin and Travel South to Kinsale
    • Golf Round #5: Old Head Golf Links –
      2:12 & 2:24 PM
    • Check in: The Great Southern Hotel, Killarney


    • Golf Round #6: Ballybunion Golf Links – 10:44 AM


    • Golf Round #7: Tralee Golf Club – 10:06 & 10:16 AM


    • Golf Round #8: Waterville – 9:10 & 9:20 AM


    • Departure Day, Safe Travels!

Important Experience Information

What airports should I plan to fly in and out of?

You’ll want to schedule your flight to arrive into  Edinburgh Airport (EDI) and out of Dublin Airport (DUB) or Shannon (SNN)

The included airport transfers for this Experience will be from EDI on the 9th July and ideally from SNN, on the 21st July although if you all decide to fly out of Dublin, that will be ok too.

Please contact the GG Concierge Team if we can be of assistance with arranging alternative airport transportation or assist with booking flights.

What will the weather be like during our stay?

July is normally one of the warmest months of the year, with average maximum temperatures ranging from 59°F to 63°F  both countries enjoy lovely long summer days and often extended twilight.

What currencies are used in Scotland and Ireland?

The currency utilized in Scotland is the British Pound.  The Pound is currently trading at USD 1.35 to 1.00GBP.  In Ireland the currency utilized is the Euro. The Euro is currently trading at 1.18 USD to 1.00 EUR.

Will I be able to get cash and use credit cards while in Scotland & Ireland? 

You will find that most major credit cards and debit cards are nearly universally accepted in both countries. The same is true of Travelers checks, which should be in British Pounds and also Euros to avoid extra exchange rate charges. ATMs are ubiquitous throughout, so you will have easy access to cash. It should be noted that American Express is not as widely accepted in Europe as Visa and MasterCard.

How much cash should I bring?

We recommend bringing minimal US dollars, i.e. $75-100, with you and then accessing the local ATMs upon arrival in Scotland and Ireland.  The ATM will dispense the local currency and your bank will automatically calculate the exchange rate. Your own bank will typically provide the most favorable exchange rate available to you.

How many meals are included?

A full breakfast will be served every morning of your Experience.  The Garmany Golf Concierge Team can assist with making any reservations and recommendations for the group for additional meals not included in the Experience.

What is the cancellation policy for this Experience?

All deposits and final payments are non refundable. However, we highly recommend purchasing a travel insurance program through Travel Guard and we will be happy to provide a quote for The Deluxe Travel Policy

This policy will allow you to cancel for a variety of reasons and receive a 50%  refund of all fees paid, including airfare. Please contact a member of our Concierge Team if you would like a quote for travel insurance.

What if I want to play additional and optional golf?

There are plenty of championship links courses in and around Edinburgh, Dublin and the South and West of Ireland.  If any Guest wants to play additional golf, even at the spur of the moment, a Garmany Golf Concierge can arrange optional golf for you. Optional golf can be arranged well in advance of your departure as well. Please consult the Garmany Golf Concierge Team for golf options.

Can I play 36 holes a day if I want to?

Absolutely! And if you would like to play more, please let a member of our Concierge Team know and we will be happy to set up additional tee times for you.

How do I arrange for a caddie and how much do they cost?

The experience that comes from walking the course with a caddie cannot be overstated. The local caddies will not only be more adept at keeping you out of more trouble than a seeing eye dog, they will also regale you with great stories about the history of the areas and the courses. They are without a doubt, some of the best entertainment value you can experience in Ireland.

All caddie fees are due at the course on the day of play and each Guest will be responsible for caddie fees and gratuities. Caddie gratuities are payable in cash, preferably in the local currency.

We highly recommend arranging caddies with our Concierge Team prior to your departure to ensure the maximum availability.

Caddies fees range from 50-60 Pounds or Euros for the base fee plus gratuity. A typical gratuity for good service might be 20 Pounds or Euros.

Are golf carts available?

The links golf courses in Scotland and Ireland, for the most part, tend to be shorter and flatter than  the courses you’re likely used to playing. In other words, they were built for walking.

Some courses have carts, or buggies as they’re known in Scotland and Ireland, but they have a limited number of them and they can be a bit more expensive than what we’re used to in America, running 30 Pounds/Euros or more.

Buggies are not guaranteed to be available due to the limited supply and strict requirements to reserve one; all requests should be made well in advance in order to be able to reserve one.

If you wish to request a cart, please know that a medical certificate may be required. Some courses tend to have a limited number of carts so in order to give you the best chance to reserve one, please provide GG with your cart request at the earliest possible time.

Can I ship my golf clubs?

Yes! We partner with Ship Sticks, the leading club shipping provider for the PGA TOUR,

and can easily arrange to have your clubs shipped directly to Ireland prior to your arrival and back home  so you can travel with ease and without hassle or worry of your clubs being lost or delayed due to the airlines.

  • This Experience is priced in U.S. Dollars.
  • This Experience is priced at the exchange rates of 1.35 USD/1.00GBP and $1.15 USD/1.00 EUR.
  • Due to the volatile nature of the exchange rate, any increase exceeding 1% of this rate on the date of payments using the rates shown on will result in a
    corresponding adjustment in price, which will be applied to all payments.
  • All Ground Transportation with respect to airport arrivals and departures included are based on the fact that all Guests will arrive into, and depart from the same airport, either Shannon Airport (EDI) in Scotland or Dublin Airport (DUB) or Shannon (SNN). Additional charges may be incurred for airport transfers that occur from any other airport
  • Caddies and/or carts may be arranged at the request of the Guest, provided such services are available.
  • All caddie fees and gratuities and cart fees are the responsibility of the Guest.
  • A current handicap certificate from a bona-fide golf club may be required for all Guests who are playing golf during the Experience. Play could be denied if a valid handicap is not presented.
Garmany Golf (GG) strongly recommends for your protection that you take out insurance to cover you in case of forced cancellation, loss or damage of luggage, personal injury, accident, illness, or other unforeseen circumstances, none of which Garmany Golf can be liable for.
Garmany Golf is a licensed representative of Travel Guard, the recognized leader of travel insurance options. A Garmany Golf Concierge will be happy to provide a quotation and proposal for a Travel Guard policy as well as facilitate the registration for any Guest.
Once tee times and accommodations have been booked and confirmed, and the requisite deposits have been placed, there are no refunds of any deposits or final payments made by Guests or the representative club.
Garmany Golf strongly recommends travel insurance to protect any Guest against any unforeseen circumstances that may cause a Guest or club to cancel participation in any Experience.
ADDITIONAL AND OPTIONAL BOOKINGS, AND PAYMENTS: At the request of a Guest, a GG Concierge will be happy to book any non golfing tour, activity or additional round of golf before or during the Experience. Please be aware that an administrative or booking fee may be added to any such booking. In the event of such a fee, the Guest will be notified in advance of the fee and have the opportunity to decline the booking confirmation.
All Guests agree to provide a valid credit card in advance of the Experience that may be used for payment for any additional tour, activity or additional (non included) round of golf booked during the Experience for the Guest.
GG, as the tour operator, and its selling agents, act only as agents in securing and booking the hotel accommodations and other land tour services provided by others as independent contractors. GG, its selling agents or the specified air carriers assume and accept no liability for injury, loss, damage, accident, delay, changes or inconvenience caused by: any force majeure – health risks – reason of war or threat of war – riots – civil strife – terrorist activity – industrial disputes – acts, omission, neglect, delay or default of any person engaged in providing any tour services including transportation and accommodation – technical problems to transport – closure or congestion of airports or ports – building work – extended hotel closure – cancellations or changes of schedules by airlines – interruption or failure of public utilities outside the control of the hotel and similar events beyond our control, including storms, tempests and hurricanes.
GG is not liable for loss, damage or theft of luggage or personal belongings, for personal injury, accident or illness on any vehicle or at any place throughout the tour. GG reserves the right to cancel an Experience if circumstances so require. In the event of such, GG will make a full refund to travelers of all payments received in respect of the Experience. Such a refund of payments will be the full extent of GG’s obligation and liability to travelers. GG is not responsible or liable for any property damage caused by a Guest. The Guest assumes all responsibility for incidental charges, damages and any necessary replacements needed that may have been caused by the Guest’s visit.

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