Our Team

We exist to create unforgettable Experiences. It’s our raison d’etre, our reason for being. It’s not our job–it’s our passion. We believe that world-class Guest service should be the rule and not the exception. We believe that enlightened hospitality can make the world a better place. Our Concierge Team is made up of hospitalitarians who thrive on creating unforgettable Experiences for our Guests. That’s the GG Way.

Allan Minto • Director of Int'l Operations

Allan was born and raised in Scotland and still resides in Edinburgh. A former PGA professional, he has more than 39 years of experience in the golf tourism industry and has helped host some of the biggest golf events in the world. Naturally, he loves sharing his homeland with GG Guests for their Experiences in Scotland, whether it be their first or hundredth visit. But he also has a passion for exploration and is continually seeking the next GG Bucket List Destination. In fact, it’s hard to find a country or region that Allan has not visited. Although he’s already accumulated enough memories to fill a lifetime, Allan is showing no signs of slowing his travels any time soon!


Denise Stiarwalt • Do Good Director

A native Californian who caught the travel bug early in life, Denise's Bucket List continues to grow with each passing year. And while she has yet to pick up a golf club and take to the links herself, Denise's desire to take in the culture that makes each destination unique is why she personifies everything that the Garmany Golf Team works so tirelessly for: creating unforgettable Experiences. Denise also oversees the Garmany Golf Do Good Foundation as we continually strive to "Do Good" within our communities and to help enrich the lives of others in any way that we can. Whether she's interacting with our Guests, partners or even just sharing a laugh with the Team, Denise's positivity & warm spirit is infectious beyond words.


Jonathan Block • Chief Operating Officer

Growing up in Juneau, Alaska, Jonathan is the guy who helps to hold down the fort while the rest of us are making your Experiences unforgettable! He has a history of conselling owners, entrepreneurs and families on business, management. HR and legal strategies at the most critical stages of development. Although he describes himself more as a "hack" than a true golfer, his commitment to creating a Team dedicated to super-serving our Guests, is unsurpassed.



Lee Derrick • Experience Concierge

An Englishman by birth, Lee is the textbook definition of a “citizen of the world.” There are very few places in the world that Lee has not visited, and you can bet that if there’s a Destination he hasn’t been to yet, he will absolutely be heading there soon! Lee’s three biggest passions in life are travel, golf and yoga. Luckily, he’s able to combine all three when working with GG Guests. It’s not uncommon for Lee to host yoga sessions in the mornings when he’s accompanying Guests as Concierge during their Experiences. His sessions are proven to help lower stress levels—as well as scores and handicaps!




Pete Nuttall • Guest Services Concierge

Hailing from Michigan, Pete was first introduced to golf as a teenager by his Dad and, like most golfers, the rest was history. Having worked at Knollwood Country Club for seven summers, first as a caddie then rising to become the Operations Manager, Pete brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to our Team and Experiences. Fueled by his own travel experiences throughout Europe learning about various cultures, seeing gorgeous sights and feasting on wonderful food, Pete is committed to ensuring that all of our Guests’ Experiences tick all of their Bucket List boxes.


Steve Menchinella • PGA Ambassador

The PGA Director of Golf Emeritus at Sunnyside Country Club, Steve “Mench” Menchinella continues to lead a Hall of Fame career, literally! A 2015 Fresno Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee, Mench has been at Sunnyside for over 41 years and is known by many as the “Godfather of Golf” in Northern California. His countless accolades include being named the Northern California PGA Professional of the Year and receiving both the Northern California Lifetime Achievement Award and the Northern California PGA Langley Award for his lifetime contributions to the game of golf. A true philanthropist, Mench has raised thousands of dollars for local charities over the years and has a knack for knowing what interests and excites golfers and non-golfers alike. Traveling with the man is an Experience in itself because Mench has so many great stories about the places he has visited and people he has known.


Bud Garmany • President

A dedicated student of life (and golf!), Bud firmly believes that life is too short and too precious not to have extraordinary Experiences. He constantly strives to find ways of making a good Experience into a truly fantastic one. GG was born out of a happy combination of Bud’s multiple passions, and those passions continue to resonate throughout the GG Team in everything we do. Having lived across the U.S. before settling in the California Bay Area, Bud’s true home is the world—one he thoroughly enjoys exploring with GG Guests. Sharing in a wee dram of whisky after a round with Bud will inevitably yield some great stories, countless laughs, and an impressive display of sports and world knowledge. 


John Geiberger • Dir Collegiate Golf Experiences

As  the 1997 National Collegiate Coach of the Year, John is our Team's foremost authority when it comes to golf skills! John, a Santa Barbara native, lead Pepperdine University's men's golf team for 16 years as head coach, during which time his team captured the 1997 NCAA Championship and 10 West Coast Conference titles. While John has enjoyed a prolific golf career, both as a player & caddying for his dad, Al Geiberger, his true passion comes when helping others experience the most with their game, which is why he loves working with collegiate coaches around the country to best create unique & unforgettable Experiences for their teams, alumni and boosters!


Lauren Moy • Chief of Staff

A proud born-and-raised Chicagoan, Lauren has spent more than half of her life in the golf industry. What started as a mere curiosity as a young teenager has turned into a lifelong passion and career. Thankfully for us at GG, Lauren’s passion for golf is matched only by her equally strong love of travel. She considers herself extremely lucky to travel the world with GG Guests in search of great golf and Bucket List Experiences. For Lauren, the old adage “It’s not where you are but who you’re with” rings true every day, and she relishes the time spent with GG Guests more than anything.


Lisa O'Hurley • VP Business Development

A collegiate golfer for Baylor University who now calls Los Angeles home, Lisa is a 25 year veteran in the golf industry having spent most of her career with Golf Channel and elite European golf fashion apparel brand, GOLFINO. Lisa was first introduced to golf by her father and some of her best & funniest moments have occured on the golf course, including recording a hole-in-one on a par 4 at Eagle Springs Golf Club in Vail, CO. and being the first woman to make the cut in the prestigious Dunhill Links Championship in St Andrews (she made the cut twice!). Her years playing in the Dunhill Links solidified her love of traveling the world in search of great golf adventures. When not playing golf or traveling, Lisa stays busy chasing around her husband, John and son, Will.


Travis Taylor • Experience Consultant

Growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Travis caught both the travel & golf bug at a young age with his first job coming at Saskatoon GC as a 14 yr old. Two of Travis’s biggest passions are: golf & people. Lucky for him (and us!), Travis is able to combine both of his passions every day as he works with our Guests in creating their Bucket Lists Experiences. Whether it’s sharing stories with Guests about his travels abroad & throughout the US or giving tips on the hot new restaurants around town, Travis is the go-to guy when designing an Experience that ticks all of the boxes.


Pete Coe • PGA Ambassador

Having held the position of PGA Head Golf Professional at La Jolla Country Club for over 31 years before retiring in late 2013, Pete has led a storied golf career that only Hollywood could dream up. Working side-by-side with his wife, Lynda, for all 31 years at La Jolla as they ran the golf operations and shop, Pete has been witness to everything imaginable in the golf industry and has befriended everyone who has crossed his path, including many of the game’s biggest names. The consummate Professional who has built a career on Guest service and member satisfaction, Pete is an expert on knowing what details are needed to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. We’re honored to have Pete, Lynda and the entire Coe family as part of our GG Team as they share in their wisdom from providing the ultimate member experience at La Jolla CC and beyond